"I could talk about these trips for days If people would let me. It's so hard to put these trips into a paragraph when so much happens but this will be short and too the point. This trip to Haiti was a bit different for me and for the girls that joined me. A lot of the girls were experiencing Haiti for the first time and they definitely got to see a lot! We saw so many different sides of Haiti. The fast moving, thriving, side of Port Au Prince, the very less fortunate side of Kolmini, the life of a witch doctor in the midst of his starving village, a mother desperately trying to give her baby away to an orphanage down the road from DV and even the life of the rich French in Haiti! Most of the girls including myself were experiencing so much, we hardly had time to process what we were actually seeing! But we got to do so much while we were there for outreach. Passing out rice, water, lights, bread and peanut butter, candy, clothes and even money! Most of the time these encounters were pretty overwhelming for some of the girls but we were so blessed to be able to do all that we did there. The part of this trip we all loved most was spending time with the kids in Destiny Village. Just getting to play with them and talk with them was something I personally was excited for every day, and all the girls expressed the same excitement. We all can't wait to go back to Haiti and Destiny Village. They all definitely have our love."

Jordan Thatcher