March Trip to the Citadelle - Girls Only!

"We were so excited when we arrived at DV on Friday, March 25th.  We were very eager to spend a few days with all of the kids before the others arrived to chaperone the older girls’ vacation to Cap Haitien.  

On Saturday, we took some of the kids from DV and went to Kolumni and took rice to Lena’ & gave some beanie babies to the kids on the way.  Autumn spoke to the people in Noah’s Village about Jesus’s love and gave everyone the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior and the Heavens were celebrating when 30 new souls were given to Jesus.  We prayed for them and it was a beautiful sight, one I will never forget!  We did an Easter egg hunt with the kids and they loved it.  When we got back to DV, we gave each child a new Easter outfit that were donated from various friends & family members

Sunday after church Autumn, Janiry & I hid over 200 Easter eggs around DV.  We had enough for each kid to get at least 5 eggs and they were so cute running all over trying to find them.  After we were done, Autumn took some of the older girls and did a painting/word art lesson with them.  I spent a few hours with some of the older boys to talk about their futures.  We worked on resume writing and various skills needed 

Monday Rick, Bobbie & Lori arrived and everyone was anxious to go on vacation. Tuesday we started our journey to Cap Haitien with all the girls 10 and over.  The 5 hour drive was long, but we were all so excited to spend this time together on vacation and most of the girls had never seen this side of Haiti. We went to the Citadelle which is located at the very northern point of Haiti.  We hiked up a mile long trail to get to the entrance and even though it was a tough walk physically, it was one of the most amazing places we had ever seen.  We were guided through the different rooms in the Citadelle and the girls seemed to really enjoy the history & view.  We also got to see the palace that was just below the Citadelle.  The palace was severely damaged during the 1842 earthquake, so only portions of it were still intact, but the area around it and the structures that were still standing were simply breathtaking.  After a long day of travel & sightseeing we went to the guest house at Deep River Mission.  The guest house was on a very beautiful lot and had a swimming pool.  We spent the evening doing devotion, eating dinner & playing games.  

Wednesday we drove to Labadee, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean.  We saw a cruise ship and for all the girls, this was their first time seeing one in person.  They were all amazed by how big the ship was, but the ones in our boat said they were too afraid to get on one.  I think they would change their mind if they could see the inside.  We got to swim in the ocean and hang out singing songs in a cove by the water.  We bought a fresh crab, lobsters & fish that one of the locals cooked for us and the girls loved it!  We spent about 4 hours there and headed back to the guest house to swim before dinner.  The girls got dressed up and we all went to Lakay, a restaurant facing the water in Cap Haitien.  The girls got to order off the menu and we spent time together laughing and sharing stories.  

Thursday we got up and played cards, some of the girls swam before leaving Deep River Mission guest house.  We went into town and got ice cream and went to a souvenir shop.  Several of the girls said they wanted to stay for a week, but also missed their brothers & sisters at DV.  The ride home was long, but we were given many opportunities to act like Jesus on the way.  We stopped and Tamar gave her soccer ball to a group of boys playing soccer with a tennis ball.  It was really great to see her give the boys something that was given to her.  We passed out candy to them and others along the way.  

It was our last night at DV so even though we were all exhausted from the trip home, we spent time with the other kids.  We had dinner with H.P. and he shared some really great stories during devotion.  It was a real blessing to see him doing so well and to see him interact with the kids in such a positive way.  This trip was different than others for most of us, but it was such a blessing to be able to spend quality time with the girls and interact with them in a more personal setting.  I know we will always remember what we got to experience this week. "

Julie B.