Destiny Village is more than an orphanage, it's a family.


Over 16 years ago, a few family members and friends had a dream that was bigger than they could have ever imagined. Their dream was to create a best-in-class Christian orphanage based on one simple belief–change a child and you'll change a nation.

We have since seen the gospel of Jesus Christ change the lives of the many children and Haitian staff at Destiny Village, but it takes committed supporters and partners to keep this dream alive.

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Our 10 year old (well used) truck.

Our 10 year old (well used) truck.


Destiny Village desperately needed a new truck. Our old truck had seen over 300,000 miles, a few accidents, and extremely harsh road conditions. We trucks like this for outreaches to surrounding villages, transportation for visiting church groups, and more. Thank you for you support in helping us get the new truck!


Lina, she is 85 years old. She has lived in the same small village in Haiti her entire life. She suffers from a form of arthritis and the doctors tried to convince her to have her legs amputated to help relieve the pain but she chose not to. Destiny Village wants to make a difference in her life by building her a small one room house. It will have a cement floor, block walls and a tin roof. 

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