Christmas - multiple churches {Nov 28th - dec 5th}

1 Corinthians 13:13 says  "There are three things that remain—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. My experience at Destiny Village has changed me forever. I left with a greater revelation about God's love. The children at Destiny Village are precious, beautiful, and filled with God's joy. They love without hesitation, hug without reservation and have a heart of gratitude. There are times when we underestimate the power of love. There was one specific time on my trip when we went to Kolmini Village. There was a beautiful young women, she spoke no English and our translator was not near us. I simply opened my arms and hugged her tightly and just loved her. I realized that love is a language! Love passes boundaries, language barriers, cultural backgrounds and has the ability to speak to all people. The choice us up to us, to speak and show love wherever we are.

                                                                     - Sonnie C. 


Merinda, Stephanie, Jordan, Allison and I began our 9 day trip to Destiny Village on July 14th, 2015. Most of us were returning for our second or third trip while Merinda was about to experience Haiti for the first time. The week was filled with so many incredible experiences. From loving on the Destiny Village kids, passing out items {food, water, clothes and toys} throughout Haiti, taking medicine to Rose Naica in Noah's Village, and celebrating a few birthdays! God moved in so many ways throughout this trip. He created an abundance of opportunities for us to really get to know the kids at DV. It is truly amazing to hear their stories, testimonies and to watch God work in each of them.  Our hearts were broken for what we know breaks The Lord’s. He has started a fire in us to really devote energy and time to what He has called us to do in Haiti. And most importantly, He has shown us the reality of that country and how much prayer it needs. We are all very excited to return and to fully walk in God’s plan with us both at Destiny Village and throughout Haiti.

       - Autumn H. 


"We started off the week passing out peanut butter and bread in a village. We also were invited into a witch doctors house where we prayed and claimed the land and people for Jesus! We had nightly devotions with the kids, which is always a favorite! The kids are amazing! We had a great time loving on them and playing with them! We went to the hospital in St. Marc where we prayed for people with the help of some of the older kids to interpret for us. We also paid for everyones bills in the pediatric unit.One of the groups favorite times was at Pastor Marcel's church on Sunday morning and the prayer and healing service on Sunday night! With the help of the kids to interpret, we prayed for hundreds and saw hundreds healed and delivered! The kids from Destiny Village were so proud of helping during the prayer time at their church! Also, the ladies at the church cooked for everyone (money for the food was provided by Love Haiti Fund).God moved big in Haiti and in the lives of our team! Changed forever, and we can't wait to get back! Thank you Destiny Village!"

                                                           -Rebecca Thompson