{UPDATE: Thanks to a group of Godly men, many prayers, selfless donations and the Lord's provision, Lina is now able to walk through her door into her new home. Enjoy the video!}

A group of volunteers from various churches will soon head down to Haiti to help build Lina a new house. Lina is in her 80's and suffers from serious arthritis. The pain in her legs and size of her knees are completely debilitating. Lina's current house does not protect her from the rain and is not very stable. Because of serious prayer, many donations and God's provision, she will soon have a safe and comfortable home. Stay tuned for "after" pictures of her house.  



{Update: We have ourselves a new truck! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, either by donation, prayer or both.}

Destiny Village desperately needs a new truck. Our current truck has seen over 300,000 miles, a few accidents, and extremely harsh road conditions. We use this truck for outreaches to surrounding villages, transportation for visiting church groups, and more. 

We only need $12,000 to buy beautiful, new truck. Thanks to the generous gifts of so many, we've already raised over $35,000. Please consider helping us buy this truck in 2015! 


Project x31

A few companies in the USA have partnered with Destiny Village to provide skills and career training for some of our older children. 

When we started, the first generation of boys were 3 to 8 years old. Now they’re 18 to 21 years old without very few options for their futures in Haiti, and this concerns us. We feel God leading us to concentrate resources and time over the next few years to give our children a chance at a thriving adult life, raising families and seeing the Kingdom of God revealed in the nation of Haiti.

This program is in its infancy, so please allow grace as the details come more into focus over the next several months. There are legal challenges with the Haitian and U.S. governments that need to be overcome, planning, skills assessments need to be designed, resources are needed for equipment and supplies, and a great amount of commitment from partners in this cause.

Our hope is that what we do at Destiny Village can be reproduced in other Haitian orphanages with similar support.

With God all things are possible!