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Destiny Enterprises

We’ve started our new building on Site 2 where we are planning to house our new business venture, Destiny Enterprises. We are looking to create a call center which would employ former Destiny Village kids and others throughout Haiti. Wadson, Samuel, Tamar & Lonise are all enrolled in the training program where they are learning valuable skills to prepare them to become the first employees of Destiny Enterprises. 


The boys have been a tremendous help in getting the building started.  We have completed the footers and are believing in the next year to have a fully functioning building and a successful business inside the walls.  We will provide updates on the progress of the building and the business right here on our website. 


If you would like to sow a seed into this building fund, please click the link below to donate; if you do not wish to give a monetary donations, we covet your prayers as we believe God for this amazing opportunity. 

Building 3.jpg
Building 6.jpg
Building 1.jpg

DV Graduates



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