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Our Family: Meet the Team
Our Staff 
Ed & Leanne

Ed & Leanne are truly heaven-sent. The Lord brought them to Haiti and then to Destiny Village. We are so grateful for the commitment that they have to DV, the time and energy that they spend to better the lives of our children, and their love for Haiti. We definitely couldn't do this without them! 


Skay was one of the original kids at Destiny Village. He has grown into an amazing young man who helps manage the day-to-day needs at DV. If you have ever been to DV, you know how big of a role he plays in the mission of Destiny Village. 


Katie is absolutely amazing! She moved here in September 2017 to serve the kids in DV. After visiting her parents 2x before, she expected to serve here for 6 months which has now turned into 6 years. Haiti and DV are not just her ministry, but also her home and family. She helps with the littles and their various activities, manages the depot, is in charge of the finances, and so many other things. She's a tremendous blessing to DV!


Wadson was raised in Destiny Village and began working as a DV driver at the age of 21. He later joined our staff and stepped up to take on a great amount of responsibilities. Every Saturday he is in charge of taking the kids to the market in St Marc; they purchase products for the orphanage to sustain them for the next week. He also is an employee at Destiny Enterprises, where he completes many tasks for our American employers. He is such a great blessing and a vital asset to our team. 


Brooke started coming as a short-term missionary in 2013, but decided to move to Haiti full-time in 2019 and joined our team. She intended on living here for a year, but it's been 4 years now.

She is in charge of running the infirmary, making sure the kid's medical needs are taken care of. She also is the Supervisor/Trainer for our company, Destiny Enterprises. Her focus is to help the kids transition out of the orphanage and into the company, once they have graduated high school. She has been doing this since 2019 and has watched them grow into professional adults. 

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