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Established in 1999

Our Goals

Over the last 23 years, Destiny Village has focused on the immediate, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the children in our orphanage. Those who have served in an orphanage know how hard it is to provide food, shelter, clothes, and education for many children; not to mention spiritual formation. The results have been astounding and all glory goes to God.


How To Donate?

How Do I Become A Sponsor?

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Our Core
Our Core

Seeking Christ 

Above all we seek the will and guidance of Christ, in all we do.

Outreach Beyond Our Walls

We serve outside by helping other orphanages, hospitals, and churches on a regular basis. 

Raising Up

Our heart is to raise up children that love the Lord, love their country, and bring change to the world. 


We know that the people of Haiti and the children of Destiny Village, need a relationship with God and need to experience His love for them. 

Our Family

If you are looking to create long-term relationships, and family dynamics, and enter into a movement that is creating a genuine community for our children at DV; then the sponsorship program is perfect for you!

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When we experience true love, it can feel like a new beginning that never ends.

Where Your Money Goes

We understand that when you make a  donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.



Over the past 23 years, Destiny Village has had the honor to help and support countless kids.


70+ People

On a daily basis, we feed over 70 people.

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40 Employees

We currently have 40 employees that help Destiny Village operate.


3 Organizations

We pour into 3 other orphanages on a weekly basis by providing rice, beans, water, and other specific needs that they have.


We live to know the real God and to make Him known. We are an Embassy of the kingdom of God.

You can also start by volunteering or joining a mission trip for a shorter opportunity.

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